Certified Web Security Expert-CWSE



Course Duration:  3 Months


According to Bill Gates,”If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business.” A website is a must for every business nowadays. A website is a home of any business which is available online and to protect this home from hackers is the responsibility of the business owner. The small mistake of web developers could become a reason of data breach. Therefore, the security of the website is a must. Nothing is more important than a database. There is various type of security vulnerabilities, which could be exploited by hackers to compromise any web server. Chandigarh School of Ethical Hacking is offering this 3-month training program to students and IT professionals, in which trainees will know about possible web attacks and their countermeasures.



  • Basic Architecture of Websites & Web Servers (For Beginners)
  • Basic Security Implementations
  • Browser Security
  • SQL Injection Attack (Blind SQLi, Error Base SQLi, Time-Based SQLi, Boolean Based Blind SQLi)
  • Cross Site Scripting Attack (Persistent, Non-Persistent, DOM-Based)
  • Cross Site Request Forgery Attack
  • Local File Inclusion Attack
  • Remote File Inclusion Attack
  • Server Hijacking
  • Google Dorks
  • Security Misconfiguration & Mitigations
  • Unvalidated Redirections , Forwards & Countermeasures
  • Clickjacking Attacks
  • Spear Phishing
  • Social Engineering
  • Penetration Testing of Given Web Application
  • Security Principles of An Ideal Web Application
  • Database Security Principles
  • Mod Security
  • Snort IDS
  • VAPT


Final Exam: After 10 Days of Course Completion.