Certified Linux Server Administrator – CLSA



Course Duration:  3 Months

Linux is the most used operating system in the servers. Approximately,  70% of worldwide websites has been controlled by Linux based servers. As you know, it is a command based operating system. There are thousands of commands which you can use in Linux OS. The duty of a Linux Server administrator is to control the file system of OS and to protect it from external threats. There are a  number of security principles, which could be implemented by the server administrator to protect the servers from hackers. Understanding of each operation is a must for server admin. A small security loophole can cause big trouble for the company. In this 3-month training program of Chandigarh School of Ethical Hacking, trainees will learn that how to implement a secure Linux Server.



  • Basic of Linux (For Beginners)
  • Various Linux Operating Systems
  • Study of Various Type of Linux File System
  • Packet Capturing
  • Packt Crafting
  • Server Hijack & Countermeasures
  • All Possible Cyber Threats
  • Malware Investigation
  • DDoS Attack Protection
  • Footprinting
  • Security Principles of an Ideal Linux Server
  • Server Hardening
  • Various Case Studies


Final Exam: After 10 Days of Course Completion.